Monday, May 25, 2009

Recently one of my customers contacted me to make a frame for a friend of hers. She was about to have baby #4. She proceeded to tell me the baby's daddy was serving along side her husband in Iraq. Kinda took my breath away as I thought about how difficult it must be to bring a new little one into the world with a husband/daddy so far away.
I decided to make two frames one for the new mom and another for my customer as she has a little daughter as well.

Here is the message I received this morning from this little girl's mom:

"We absolutely LOVE the frame. I put a picture of Maggie and her dad in it, and it sits on her nightstand. She kisses it before she goes to bed at night. It goes perfectly with her room. Thank you again for thinking of us!"

As I choked back the tears and thanked the Lord for allowing me to touch this little life, even in a very small way. These are the kind of emails that make me so grateful for the gift of painting. And, how fitting to receive this email on Memorial Day.
God Bless!

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