Saturday, September 19, 2009


When I first started blogging I had intended it to be a means of communication for a number of reasons. My reasons have changed.
Over the past few months I've struggled with some health issues none of which I could ever imagined. I've been stopped in my tracks. Daily chores, running a house hold, and even painting have become difficult tasks. Most days require a fighting spirit and some days I just don't have much of one.
Amazingly God is still in control. He knows each day before I rise, he knows every breathe, every tear and joy He carries us through each struggle.
My husband and I are watching a series of videos (can't remember the name)
The speaker talks about these difficult times that life brings us basically warning us that these struggles will come and we need to be prepared and cling to the cross of Jesus.
Life isn't about us, it is simple about God. He gets the glory.

Are you prepared? Trouble is coming...maybe not today or even tomorrow, but you have the faith?

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