Thursday, March 19, 2009


It is finally feeling like spring around here. Spring usually isn't here until May in this freezing state yes, I'm talking about Wisconsin!!
So I thought I'd take a moment to update my blog, since its been feeling quite neglected lately!
We are in need of a little spring fluffing! I'm late to chime in over at Rhoda's Party, but I figure better late then never, right! Thanks Rhoda for inspiring me to fluff things up a bit!
You can join in here or be ever inspired by many other fellow bloggers!
Here are a couple little updates around my house more to come after the sick princess is feeling better.

This last photo is something I'm in the middle of working on.....thought I'd post it anyways in hopes it might motivate me to finish it! It it will have a springy feeling once its done. I'll be posting a tutorial soon.


Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Thanks for joining the party! I'm so glad you did, these links will all stay up forever, so people can go & visit them all. Looks beautiful at your house.

Life'sJourney said...

I was spring party hopping and am so glad I found your blog!! Your spring decor looks wonderful!!