Saturday, March 28, 2009

Frilly Ballerina Bed Skirt

I've been through the train, superhero, sports onto the ballerina phase. My little princess in completely in love with anything related to this subject.
I found her bedding at PBK and decided I'd try my hand at coordinating a matching tutu bed skirt. I saw one online for an astronomical price and opted not to break the bank!

This project probably costs about 5.00 maybe a bit more or less once you determine the amount of fabric you need. I just guessed! I used 4 yards and 1 roll of ribbon, oh and some glue...yep no sewing for me.

Ribbon Satin
Glue sticks
Tulle double the amount of fabric
pick a lighter color or darker color to contrast with your fabric

Now, before I begin let me just say that I should have used a different color of tulle. My tulle blends in too much. I plan to pick up a contrast color to brighten things up a bit.
Grab your handy dandy glue gun and lets get started.

Here is the fabric & tulle that I used

terrible photo...I know!

All I did was measure the fabric and the length I wanted it to hang from top to bottom and cut. I hemmed my middles and glued them together. Add my tulle along the top with glue, it should flow down pass the bottom which will give a "puffy" look

Simply added ribbon along the bottom, the satin looks really pretty. Then its ready to go between the mattress and box spring. I played around with it to get the look I wanted, then pulled down the tulle.

I really wish they had a lighter green tulle, but this was all Wally world had. I'll try to find something lighter and take a photo. Either way at least it gets the job done and at least the metal bar is covered now!

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